30 Summer 2023 Manicure Trends: Discover the Hottest Colors, Designs, and Shapes to Elevate Your Style

The nail trends for summer 2023 are probably one of the most cheerful, fun and striking proposals of the year. Getting out of our comfort zone, they encourage us to give a resounding yes to originality with an extroverted mani and unusual designs or shapes.

Yes, naturalness will probably be going strong on the beauty plane, but these proposals are so versatile that they easily manage to adapt to the mood of the moment, whether you are a minimalist team or prefer to be guided by eccentricity.

On the one hand, the tones that the season prepares for us are a pop of color for any look, while the shapes and textures adapt to the demands of the season that, inevitably, demands practicality and durability, to face the days summer vacations to come. So pay close attention and get ready for the screenshots!

Nail colors for summer 2023

vibrant neon or pastelYes, fluorescent colors will definitely return to play this year, as one of the coolest proposals to renew your mani. Especially in green, blue and pink tones, these will be the key to highlight your nails with great color, both in its solid version as well as through cute prints.

Pink barbieWith Barbiecore in full swing, it is not surprising that pink tones, especially hot pink and vivid magenta, are a sure bet to start summer off on the right foot, hand in hand with one of the most eye-catching nail polishes and fun of the season It will be one of your favorite nail colors for summer 2023!

Pewter blueDefying the change of seasons, the pewter blue enamel will continue to be one of the greatest obsessions of those who love intense and striking manis. We love it thanks to its great brightness, turning out to be one of the most original proposals that you can opt for.

Subtle lilacAfter the Very Peri color dominated all of last year, it is not surprising that it prevails as one of the favorite colors to highlight your summer beauty look. Best of all is its versatile personality, because despite its great shine that makes it the most fun, it also maintains a certain subtlety, ideal for the most formal looks.

Bright whiteAs every year, the white color is one of the best bets to wear a mani in the clean girl style. That is why it is one of the nail tones for summer 2023 that cannot be missing from your repertoire, since it is an immovable classic that is subtle and sophisticated but very cool.

Deep orangeOrange tones are a guarantee of summer success. Regardless of the variant you choose, whether you wear it in a solid appliqué or hand in hand with striking prints, your mani will steal glances no matter what. The best bets to hit the season? Without a doubt, the tangerine and neon tones.

Trendy nail designs for summerSummer rainbow nailsOf the funniest nail trends for 2023 you will find, multicolored manis are in first place. Whether in a solid finish, color blocking or in simple prints with organic lines, these will be your best allies to wear a completely colorful mani in the style of a fruity cocktail.

Tropical flowersIf you love floral prints, then a tropical and beach version will never fail to get you in tune with the season. You can try from the most traditional designs in bright and vivid colors or, if you prefer an original twist, opt for a much more subtle combination such as black and white, beige and brown, or however you like!

Seashell nailsDefinitely, there is nothing that reflects the essence of summer so well than a design inspired by the classic sea shells. In fact, especially those textured nail art with relief and shiny or sandy nail polishes, will make these the most special nail design for summer 2023.

French reimaginedThe French manicure never fails when it comes to elegant, sophisticated and understated nail art. With 1.1 billion views on TikTok, it tells us that once again it has become the king of minimalist nail designs. The best thing is that it is a proposal that can easily be reinvented, either by wearing it with colored enamel, drawing several lines or changing the format of the strip.

Abstract graphicsIf you love manis with a discreet finish, a print with abstract figures will be your best nail bet for summer 2023. Because although it is true that colorful and striking designs will be one of the top trends (as they have been until now), what It is true that sober and simple decorations never go out of style and are always perfect regardless of the occasion.

Ombré nails

No sólo es colorido, ¡también es de lo más original! Nos encanta, pues se trata de una técnica que permite combinar múltiples colores a la vez, ya que hace una transición de color de lo más llamativa. Desde luego, la clave para lucirlo en todo su esplendor está en dejarlo en manos de un experto y así lograr el mani perfecto.

Color blockingNo, color blocking does not lose its validity to achieve a most colorful mani and in total harmony with the summer. Whether you are a striking team and wear it with the most radiant and trendy colors of the season or prefer to make much more subtle combinations, with neutral and pastel tones, this design will look completely incredible.

Nail materials and techniques for summer 2023Shellac nailsHitting the mark with a natural but extremely durable mani, the shellac technique is ideal for showing off perfect nails for summer 2023. Because it is a combination of half nail polish and half gel, it is not only 100% harmless to nails, it also leaves a Honed, lightweight polished finish that removes easily. The best? It is long lasting!

Press-onIf what you are looking for is practicality, press-on nails are here to save the day. And it is that these are nothing more and nothing less than simple nails (false type, but with a discreet size) that are placed under pressure, achieving a perfect manicure in a matter of seconds. And if you lack reasons to give them a resounding yes, you will be happy to know that they are available with an infinite number of designs and colors.

Dip nailsBeauty addicts know it: the famous dip nails are one of the safest finishes for nails because, although it achieves a finish similar to acrylic and gel, it is much kinder. It’s top for perfecting natural nails, giving them a polished, professional look that looks great on manis of any length.

AcrylicIf there is a finish that does not fail to cope with any type of routine, that is acrylic, another of the nail techniques for summer 2023 that will remain on the list of preferred options. Especially when it comes to vacations, facing changes in weather and intense outdoor activity, they remain intact for a long time and without requiring continuous touch-ups.

StickersFor yet another year, stickers will be the best allies to decorate your nails, whether it’s creating patterns and complex textures, or simply to place a single figure, leaving it perfect. The best thing is that they are so easy to use that you can apply them from home!

The nail shapes that we will wear in summer 2023And after a wide list of colors, materials and designs, the edges of the nails will take these forms:

coffin nailsCompletely elongated and with a square tip, this is what powerful coffin nails look like, one of the nail trends that will be sweeping the most daring beauty junkies. Thanks to their length, they are ideal for capturing any type of print or design that you can think of as they leave plenty of room for creativity.

AlmondsFor more traditional personalities, slightly short almond tips will be one of the best trends you can choose to shape your nails this summer. Its versatility and great practicality are undoubted, in addition to the fact that they always come in handy for any occasion, especially for vacation days in which a practical mani that is not easily damaged is required.

SquareThe square tips will definitely return to their pedestal as one of the most successful nails for summer 2023. Of course, it is a finish that looks much better on long and midi nails, as it gives the opportunity for its shape to be more clearly noticed. They will fascinate you, even more if you are a fan of materials like acrylic.

Ready to put each and every one of these nail trends for summer 2023 to the test? We can’t wait to start wearing them!