Abandoned and Heartbroken: A Senior Dog Left Tied to a Sled with a Heartbreaking Note

The poor dog was left helpless and immobilized in a sled as his owner deserted him outside the shelter, leaving him alone overnight.


A Pyrenees dog named Perry was left outside the Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association in Cazenovia, New York, tied to a sleigh with only a cup of water and a message stating “Over 10 years old.” Sadly, Perry was unable to walk.

When Perry was found by rescuers, he was unable to budge and appeared to be filled with fear and sadness. It was suspected that he had lost all hope, and his emotional state left those who found him feeling heartbroken.

The shelter has done wonders for Perry, who is currently in a much happier and healthier state. With physiotherapy and laser treatments, the shelter has helped him recover from his terrible skin illness and two types of Lyme disease. It’s possible that these illnesses caused his depression. Additionally, Perry’s fur was matted, which made it challenging for him to move around comfortably. However, with the shelter’s care, Perry can now walk on his own.

Perry has found a new lease on life as he no longer feels lost and is more content and active than ever before. The day he was saved, Perry’s picture was uploaded to the shelter’s site, and he has since received countless messages of encouragement from caring individuals across the nation. The shelter staff hope that by highlighting Perry’s story, people will realize that abandoning animals is not an option, and they provide resources to help those who may be struggling to care for their pets.

Perry is going to be taken care of by his physiotherapist during his treatment, and there’s a chance you could become his permanent parent! The person who used to own Perry, a 60-year-old man, was arrested for not providing him with the necessary veterinary care.

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