“Feathers in the Fray: Stork and Eagle Lock Horns Over a Fish – Unraveling the Epic Battle of the Big Birds”

These incredible pictures show a stork and eagle desperately battling over a fish.

The animals were pictured fighting over their potential dinner near Lake Tagalala in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania.

These incredible pictures show a marabou stork and a fish eagle desperately battling over a catfish carcass earlier this year

The animals – pictured approaching each other – were caught fighting over their potential dinner near Lake Tagalala in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

The images, captured by safari guide Mark Sheridan Johnson, shows the marabou stork approaching the fish eagle after realising he had managed to find a catfish carcass

The stork instantly tries to steal the dinner and throws his wings up to scare the rival bird, who jumps straight in the air out of the stork’s way

The fish eagles directs his claws towards the stork, who appears to try and peck the bird with his huge beak as they continue to fight

The birds then make themselves look bigger – and therefore more intimidating – by spreading their wings as they circle the fish

The eagle desperately tried to protect the fish, which he wants for his dinner, by putting his claws on it in front of the stork

The eagle pulls his neck right back into his feathered body in a bid to stay out of the way of the stork, who looks like he will do anything to eat the fish

He is forced to take his foot off of the fish as the stork gets closer and closer, making the eagle walk away from the water

In one final attempt to win the dinner, the eagle once again launches himself claw-first at the stork, who immediately retaliates

Eventually, the stork succeeds and manages to wrestle the carcass away from the hungry eagle before settling down to eat his dinner

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