Flower Power: 20 Creative Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Floral Facades

Discover 20 beautiful houses decorated with flowers that will make you want to have a green thumb…

The colors, the shapes of the flowers, the volumes, the scents… The charm of these flowery buildings will not leave you indifferent! “It is by the flowers that one guesses the fruits”. The fruits of a passion for decoration and the beauty of house facades. Open your eyes wide!

1. It feels like a mini English cottage

2. It emerges like a charm from Provence

3. A colorful spiral staircase

4. Un ensemble architectural et floral harmonieux

5. Luxuriance, exoticism and multiplicity of species…

6. In the hills and mountains of the island of Crete…

7. Open sesame

8. The superb residence is adorned with some pretty finery

9. Such a pretty climbing plant, it takes care of itself

10. A corner of paradise in an old farmyard

11. Sobriety and mastery for this country house

12. Wisteria as the “frouufrou” of an English cottage

14. Le style germanique à l’honneur

15. A terrace as comfortable as it is aesthetic