For a puppy, a cardboard box in the snow is a tragic and heart-wrenching fate


Natalia was strolling down the street when she spotted a small puppy whimpering on a piece of cardboard. The puppy seemed to be a purebred and was in good condition, sparking her curiosity. It was clear that this little one had recently found itself abandoned on the streets, most likely by an irresponsible owner.

Unable to leave the helpless pup in such dire straits, Natalia immediately took it to the veterinarian for necessary medical care. She diligently followed the vet’s advice to nurse the puppy back to health.

In the following days, Natalia embarked on a mission to find a new, loving home for the puppy. However, as time went by, she became attached to the little one and grew hesitant to give it away to just anyone. Eventually, her attachment deepened to the point where she decided to keep the puppy for herself.

Natalia named the puppy Zephyr, and the two of them quickly formed a strong bond. Zephyr found a forever home with Natalia, who became its devoted caregiver and provided the best possible care for the adorable pup.


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