Heartbreaking: The mother dog was robbed of her cubs, left alone and suffering in the cave

A dog that gave birth to several puppies in a drainage pit was heartbroken and hid in the pit the day after someone took them away. Fortunately, I know the whereabouts of the puppies, and it seems that I will be able to see them again after they are parent and child.

DiscoverA dog peeks out from a gaping hole under a country road for drainage.

ProtectionWhen I showed him some food and invited him, the dog hesitated but licked its tongue and sniffed its nose.

When I held out the food with the tip of my finger, the dog stretched out its neck and ate it directly. And the second.

He is a child with a gentle face. Licking the finger of Mr. Takis from the conservation group Takis Shelter. Come out.

It was stretching its neck to the food I put outside the hole, but when I saw the leash it would withdraw. Takis-san, be patient, be patient.


The food was placed on this side of the leash loop, and when the dog could not resist sticking his head into the loop and eating the food, he quickly tightened the loop and attached the leash.

The dog seems to be annoying, but it doesn’t act violently.

Mr. Takis will explain orally. In this hole, this child gave birth to 5 puppies. And just yesterday, someone took them away.

Mr. Takis came here after hearing from the person who took him away that the scary mother dog was still there. So this child had suddenly lost his puppies and was lying in a pit heartbroken.


After thatI’m going to put this mother dog in the car and go back to the shelter. After that, I’m going to pick up the puppies.

If you catch a glimpse of the dog in the car, you’ll know it’s breastfeeding because of its drooping breasts.

Watching videos can also help protect you!

After that after thatand! Parents and children were safely reunited at the shelter! Good thing, it was like a verbal promise, and I was actually a little skeptical if it was true… I’m sorry, Mr. Takis.

You can watch the video here. Just another adorable breastfeeding scene. Oh, but two black-chans and two cream-chans. 5 were wrong, 4! Everyone is glossy.

Oh, how cute. Listen to the whine of the puppies! Look at the reassuring mother’s tail flapping!