How to Decorate a Small Garden: 20 Ideas for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Few things are as rewarding as enjoying a well-maintained garden, with its plants and flowers, and enjoying their aromas, tones… A garden not only adds color to your home, but it also brings it to life, even if it’s of small dimensions: with a bit of good weather, you can turn it into a barbecue area, a meeting or resting place, a party space… Enjoying a beautiful and decorated garden is a luxury that, however, is within the reach of anyone. When spring comes, gardens fill with colors and contribute to making our lives more pleasant: we just need to dedicate a bit of time and imagination to turn our small oasis into a unique and personality-filled space. So, how to decorate a small garden with plants? Before rushing to plant bushes and flowers, take some time to plan what you want and can do, and try to visualize the result in advance. Remember that, no matter how your garden is, there are several elements you can combine: besides vegetation, you can add wooden, natural fiber, and stone elements of different shapes and sizes to make your garden come to life and become the centerpiece of your home. Below, we show you 20 garden design ideas with which you will be able to decorate your home and make your garden overflow with charm and become one of the most iconic elements.

1,The corners of your garden are important

On many occasions, the corners of a garden become a secondary space where leaves, grass, and other debris tend to accumulate. To not waste any small space in your garden, you just need to be a bit creative and give this place some appeal so that it can become the center of attention. For example, you can create a circular perimeter zone to break up the angles, place a dark permeable fabric over the disturbed soil and cover it with white-colored stones or pieces of broken brick to add a touch of color. The rest is up to your imagination: the plants, the flowers… you could even plant a shrub in one of the corners to turn it into a special area…

2,Little space?

Think about a vertical garden If you have a small space and don’t want to give up, on the one hand, the colorful flowers or, on the other hand, the comfort and life that outdoor furniture brings you, you have the possibility to explore the space… vertically. Vertical gardening has become a fantastic option for cultivating certain vegetables in urban gardens in small spaces. However, cities like Cordoba know better than anyone how to add color to patios and do it on vertical surfaces. Nowadays, you can find various types of planters, pots, etc., of different sizes and shapes to place them at height, and thus combine the colorful vegetation with a comfortable sitting area composed of a table and several chairs. And remember that you can use the rooftop as a support element to make these setups.

3.Minimalist garden as a formula for success

Small gardens do not imply giving up on color or love for plants. In many cases, we can resort to the minimalist formula and turn a small space into a beautiful garden with incredible charm and appeal. For example, you can turn the perimeter of a simple staircase into a garden area with several plants of different types and a unique decoration based on white pebbles. If the space is a bit larger, you can combine bushes with plants of different sizes and materials such as cane, stone, or pieces of wood: the result will be as spectacular as it is welcoming.

4, Do you think a garden must have grass by obligation?

Or do you think it is possible to use this concept on wood, tiles or a ceramic surface? If you once decided to give up on having a garden for comfort and cleanliness but now see that the options you once considered boring are the ones your patio needs, don’t worry because you have plenty of options. One of them has pots as protagonists, which can combine different crafts and are a fantastic option for planting a variety of plants and flowers, creating a fantastic space with enormous decorative potential. But how to decorate a small garden with pots? As you can imagine, there are pots of all shapes, colors, textures, sizes, and decoration, so you can choose the one that best suits your terrace style.

5,Put a cactus in your life… or in your garden

Despite their thorns which can cause some discomfort, cacti maintain a very attractive appearance, they are beautiful, resistant, iconic, and can enhance a garden when combined with other plants in a suitable way. A cactus garden is also a fantastic option for decorating the outdoor space of your home because there are many varieties of shapes and colors that will allow you to give a fantastic touch to your garden.

6,A garden to welcome your home

There are times when you need a little renovation and you have to be creative to find a suitable place to locate your green area. One of those spaces can be the access to your own home: the short path to the main door can be the ideal place to play with tiles, place several plants on its sides and combine them with gravel for decorations. The result is a green area that welcomes your guests with a zen touch.

7, Exterior garden and “rustic” go hand in hand

A simple half-height brick wall can be the differential element that allows you to play with a combination of plants and stones to create an incredible rustic ensemble. The solidity of the stones and the contrasts that different types of flowers can provide will give your garden design an incredible appearance.

8,For a Zen garden, play with water

Water is the perfect complement to any garden: it brings life, calmness, and the sound of a small waterfall has inspiring effects on people around it. Nowadays, you can find endless proposals for fountains of different sizes, shapes, etc., to adorn your small garden. In addition, they are very simple and easy to install solutions that, in many cases, form a closed circuit that only needs a power outlet. If your element is water and space allows it, a small garden with a pool will delight the whole family and guests.

9, Geometry and modernity

If you need or want to give a modern and contemporary look to your garden, you can turn to geometry: this type of composition, mostly made up of cubic shapes, is a fantastic solution to give your garden and the rest of your house a cutting-edge feel. To achieve this, you can use large cubic planters, combined with smaller ones of the same type, and, for example, framed in a rectangular space, delimited by a stone wall and with a white gravel background. The result will be an iconic composition that will not leave anyone indifferent.

10,Trellis of climbing plants

If your home or outdoor space doesn’t have a garden area as such but does have a small walkway, don’t hesitate: you can use climbing plants to create a fantastic colorful space. Climbing plants are ideal for these small spaces and for creating attractive outdoor designs in small gardens by taking advantage of the vertical space.

11, Give light to your garden

12,  Gazebo or pergola to give privacy