Less is More: 39 Beautifully Simple Minimalist Front Garden Designs to Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

Enjoying green scenery with a shady atmosphere with a beautiful and beautiful environment is everyone’s dream, especially if it is in our own homes. Creating a garden can be done at home. The choice of a minimalist garden can be tips to complement your home. One way you can do this is to get a minimalist garden design in front of your dream house.

Apart from not requiring a large amount of money for maintenance, a minimalist garden design in front of the house can be a tip for making your terrace more pleasing to the eye. You don’t even have to go far to enjoy this beautiful green landscape outside your home. Your longing for a garden can also be relieved by enjoying the atmosphere of the garden with the creation of a minimalist garden in front of the house.

Here are 20 ideas that you can emulate for a minimalist garden design in front of the house. If you are curious, see the article below!

1. Customize the Terrace Theme with Your Personality

The garden theme can be determined by adjusting to the character you have. For example, a modern aesthetic house that fits in with a minimalist outdoor decor. Another example, for you as a dog and children lover, adding a barbecue and chairs is quite important for a minimalist garden design in front of the house.

2. Balinese Theme Park

For those of you who miss the atmosphere of Bali and like exotic places, these tips are perfect. Making a Balinese theme for a minimalist garden is doable. You can check the Balinese style in the picture above.

3. Make use of the Backyard

Imitation of Japanese tradition by creating a minimalist garden can also be done by utilizing the backyard. Add miniature plants such as some rocks, moss, and green plants according to the capacity of your yard. This can make the room cooler.

4. Park with Swing

Apart from chairs, swings are also an important object that you must place in your home garden. This can make children happy and can also be used as a place to rest. Apart from that, swings can also calm your soul and make you feel more at home.

5. Selection of the Right Material

For the right composition, use materials that are resistant, water-repellent, and do not fade easily. American interior designer Julie Farris recommends materials such as limestone, steel, pebbles, bamboo and boxwood in an asymmetrical composition.

6. Create Space Limits

Use a strong steel edge with a thickness (1-4 inches) to separate the garden room from other spaces. Other dividers such as wood, granite, limestone, bluestone, or small steps are suitable to create an atmosphere away from noise.

7. Simple Gazebo

If you have large land, adding a gazebo can be a solution for a minimalist garden design. Adding some plants, tall trees, and lights so that the garden feels comfortable and looks luxurious. To look more natural, designs with fish ponds can also be an alternative to home gazebos.

8. Plant a lot of grain

Deciduous trees can be tried to grow at home. You can try planting with plants like crepe myrtle, stewartia, and birch; ornamental grasses such as nasella, calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster,’ pennisetum, and deschampsia; and flowering perennials such as echinacea, with large seed heads. For greenery throughout the season, trees such as boxwood, bamboo, laurel and pine, can be an alternative for a minimalist garden design in front of your house.

9. Place Hanging Pots

Using pots with lush plants will give an impression that can accentuate the colors of plants and also make your minimalist home garden design look more eye-catching and vegetation will be easier to introduce.

10. Add a Water Feature

11. Decoration with Fish Pond

12. Using a Dry Draft

13. Medium Size Tree

14. Big Size Tree

15.Gardens with cobbled paths

16. Plant Flowers

17. Beautiful and Green Shades

18. Using a Horizontal-Vertical Pattern

19. Maintaining Alignment of Plants and Grass

20. Stay Focused on Simplicity

while maintaining a minimalist character that is spacious, free, and cool. Using neutral colors and adapting each color and texture at a different angle to your minimalist front garden design.

It turns out that making a minimalist garden requires quite detailed preparation. Starting from drafting the concept, space, determining and applying the type of material, to the types of plants you want to add to the terrace of your house, you need to consider carefully in order to create a beautiful atmosphere and stick to minimalist principles. .

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So, after seeing the tips from the 20 tips above, are you still unsure about creating a minimalist garden in front of your house?