Short nail manicure trends 2023: 20+ ideas to enhance your hands

If you’re one of those women who thinks you can’t have a great manicure because your job doesn’t allow you to have long nails… then you’re wrong! Short nails are super cute and above all, very trendy in this new year! They are adorable, comfortable and absolutely lovely. Short nails look more professional than long nails and are therefore more versatile. Today, I’m going to show you the best short nail manicure trends of 2023. So… You should plan your next nail date, because the gallery I’m about to show you is absolutely stunning!

Short nail manicure ideas 2023: here are the trends

What manicure for short nails? I did a little experiment by doing an anonymous survey and asking this same question. Well, actually, 73% of the answers were: a monochrome manicure. This is such a high percentage that I was shocked! But why ? Because there are so many wonderful designs to try for short nails and most women think they are limited because of the length. I am here today to prove you wrong. Here are about 30 unique and amazing nail designs you can’t miss!

Abstract nails for artistic women

The new year has just arrived and we know exactly what will be in style. Thanks to the fashion and trend hunters of the DeaVita team, I have collected, with their help, the most trendy models. And we are starting very strong! Have you ever thought about doing abstract nails? This is my favorite pattern, which features very minimalist images of different parts of the female body. There is transparent color on the nails and the fine lines are very subtle and artistic. Eeeeeet maybe a bit inappropriate. But we all agree that it’s 100% fabulous!

If you like the idea, but not the execution, here is an equally artistic nail art photo, but a little more appropriate all the same.

It comes in lovely pastel and earthy colors which also makes it suitable for work.

3D nails: soft and trendy

Want an ethereal, simplistic, yet edgy look for spring and summer? Why not try 3D nails? Yes, when most of us hear about it, our imaginations run wild with fantastic shapes and flashy colors. Alas, this is far from the case! Well, in this case. Look how this charming design is both minimalistic and surreal. The bubbles sit so delicately like colorful raindrops on bare nails. It’s for girls who love simplicity, but love to be unique!

French manicure short bicolor and tricolor nails

Can you do a french manicure on short nails? But of course we can! And can I say that I love it even more than the long French manicure? However… why not stray from the original and shake things up a bit? The two-tone French manicure was a hit last year and will continue its reign again this year!


Or, if even two colors are too simplistic for you, why not try the blend effect and use three or even four?


Psychedelic hippie 70’s vibes nail tutorial


Other short nail manicure ideas 2023: photo gallery