Skywalkers: Unveiling the Enigma Above Warsaw to London

During the journey from Warsaw to London, a collection of peculiar images was documented. The enigmatic “group of people” observed within the clouds was captured by an individual aboard the Warsaw-London flight. These images, taken by a passenger mid-flight, offer a captivating glimpse into…

The intriguing sight of a “group of people” within the clouds was photographed by an individual aboard the Warsaw to London flight. These images, captured by a passenger during the journey, reveal a peculiar scene: a circle of individuals standing on the cloud, creating an otherworldly tableau.


The person who took these photos sent them to MUfON (a website that updates UFO documents), said: “On the flight from Warsaw to London, I looked out the left window, I saw it.

Are these thick plumes of smoke from a power plant? “There are 4 shadows: 2 high and 2 low. “I took photos and showed them to my parents and brother, and they couldn’t believe what they saw.


Is this a natural occurrence or perhaps something extraterrestrial? The enigmatic images have sparked contentious discussions on social media. Approximately a year ago, Nick O’Donoghue, a 30-year-old software support team manager from Ireland, unintentionally photographed a colossal, robot-like object strolling among the clouds at an altitude exceeding 9,000 meters.

The photograph was captured by Nick O’Donoghue while aboard an EasyJet plane traveling from Austria to Cork, Ireland. Nick, who was on an EasyJet flight from Austria to Cork, Ireland, witnessed a captivating scene that drew the attention of hundreds of people, prompting numerous comments.



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