Spectral Kittens: Speed Bumps and Auditions for Plush Buddies in Foster Care

After spending her bunch of adorable foster babies off to find forever homes, Deborah from Chicago took in a solo one-week-old kitten, later named Speed Bump. The foster mom chose the name just because it’s funny yet adorable. Previously, we shared the story of Deborah’s taxi kittens with cute names, Underoos and the Underpants Bunch. In this case, the kitten seemed to live up to her name, a little slow to reach kitten milestones. She needed a furry buddy, but until she could meet another foster kitten, she would bond with plush buddies.

And then, the kitten once did an impression of a speed bump too!

“Here’s a sweet pic of Speed Bump doing her very best impression of a speed bump,” Kitten Smitten shared.

Sadly, the tiny girl was all alone after her siblings passed away. However, she was feisty with a big appetite, and Deborah thought she was “pure perfection.” She made “micro-purrs” and “baby biscuits” as she rolled all over in the incubator. Since Speed Bump was a lone kitten, the foster mom and her daughter wanted to give her some company until she could bond with another foster kitten. First, they gave her a little plush ghost at Halloween, cradled by hand by the daughter. She also had a stuffed toy in her incubator, which may have given her comfort and warmth like a Calmeroos cat.




Then, the kitten met more plush friends at the babysitter’s home for a weekend.

Then, the foster mom introduced more plush friends to the kitten. In the meantime, she continued to search for another foster kitten to rescue. Speed Bump seemed to love each one of the plush buddies, so it’s not clear who won the auditions.

We weren’t sure if she’s helping the plushies like a teddy bear or training to kill it with her mini murder mittens. Maybe both?




At four weeks old, Speed Bump’s quirky personality emerged. She would stare at her foster mom and roll around, flailing her legs in the air “like she just doesn’t care,” among other quirks. She was a little different since she was a solo baby without siblings to teach her “how to cat” as they grow. Deborah joked that she may have inadvertently accelerated the kitten’s personality development milestones. Whatever the case, she was perfectly Speed Bump in her way.

Soon after, Speed Bump met Lumi, a little boy rescued alone from Chicago’s first snow. The kitten turned out to be a bit of a bouncy and aloof character, despite weeks of development, they soon met and fell head over paws for each other.

The two bonded kittens loved each other all the more as they grew up. In a flash, they adopted each other for forever.



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