Step into Summer 2023: 31 Trendy Pedicure Designs to Showcase Beautiful Feet

If you want to show off your feet by wearing sandals this season, take note of these nail pedicure ideas for this summer 2022 Summer is the ideal time to give the chest with our toenails, since it is when we show them the most with footwear. We already show you what color toenails are wearing this summer. Now we want to give you the inspiration you need with these pedicure ideas for summer 2023.

For this, we have recruited the pedicure artist who makes the most beautiful, current and original toenail designs. Wouldn’t you love to do any of these toenail designs?

Ideas pedicure summer 2023: «animal print>

We suggest you use the green of the season to get a vibrant pedicure with an original animal print. To do this, bottle green, one of the star colors of 2022, is combined with an intense blue to provide contrast and to appreciate the detail of the feline spots in the print. Also, in this case, the manicurist has decided to play with the same positive and negative print on each foot, changing the arrangement of colors. Although, if you prefer, you can choose a uniform design for the entire pedicure. You will surprise everyone!

Summer 2023 pedicure ideas: natural

Natural nails are back in trend this summer 2022 and they are also an excellent option for summer. Because? Because they allow an elegant finish, flattering for the foot, which in addition to stylizing it, matches the entire wardrobe. To do this, they resort to nail polishes in a nude tone on which a finishing polish is applied that provides that shiny effect that gives it a chic touch.

Summer 2022 pedicure ideas: with waves

Designs with waves are the most in this summer’s manicure, which is why we have been conquered by this kind of psychedelic pedicure that also has one of the summer colors: fuchsia. This type of design is achieved with stamping tools that allow original patterns like this one to be applied directly to the surface of the toenails. To do this, the design is worked with the chosen colors on a plate and then caught with the stamping stamp, which is pressed onto the nails.

Summer 2023 pedicure ideas: with “glitter”

Summer 2023pedicure ideas: abstract

Summer 2023 pedicure ideas: geometric print


Summer 2022 pedicure ideas: with a different nail

Pedicure ideas summer 2023: naif

Summer 2023 pedicure ideas: sand effect

Ideas pedicure summer 2023: stamped


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