UFO Hunters in the U.S. Claim to Have Spotted Extraterrestrial Robots in the Top-Secret Area 51(video)

UFO Hunter Claims to Have Discovered a “16m-Tall Alien Robot” at the Top-Secret Area 51 Military Base in the United States Through Google Earth Images. A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) enthusiast who self-identifies as a believer has claimed to have discovered a massive extraterrestrial robot, standing at 16 meters tall, hiding at the mysterious Area 51 in the United States, often considered the Mecca for those passionate about exploring extraterrestrial life, as reported by RT.

"Thợ săn UFO" Mỹ tuyên bố thấy robot ngoài hành tinh ở Vùng 51 tuyệt mật

According to Scott C. Waring of ET Data Base, he proclaimed his discovery of a gigantic extraterrestrial “robot” while scouring Google Earth satellite images of the US Air Force base in Nevada.

Waring uncovered an unusual shape concealed within various structures at this top-secret base. This peculiar pattern can be observed at precise coordinates, 37°13’26.26″ North, 115°49’2.37″ West, on the Google Earth platform.

“I found a 16m shadow at Area 51, and it seems like there is another shorter shadow next to it,” Waring shared on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

This UFO hunter also believes that the “robot” recently discovered genuinely moves in different directions and takes on various forms in each image. “It’s really moving,” he added.

Despite various speculations, as reported by RT, a simpler explanation could be that the “robot” is just a building or perhaps even a mere shadow.

Waring has conducted numerous other “discoveries” using Google Earth and a variety of other sources, such as images captured by NASA on Mars.

Regardless of the appealing assumptions made by this self-proclaimed UFO enthusiast, according to RT, experts suggest that these “extraterrestrial beings” observed can be explained through a psychological phenomenon known as “pareidolia,” which involves “seeing” shapes or patterns where they do not actually exist.

Although Waring’s explanation for the “robot” is uncertain, RT also notes that the images shared by this UFO hunter regarding Area 51 contribute to the reasons behind the base’s association with conspiracy theories over the years. The pictures Waring shared also indicate a variety of intriguing structures, with machinery and even a baseball field at this secretive military facility.



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