You should combine vegetables and green plants to decorate, it helps to keep your garden cool and you always have a source of clean food.

With just a little Ьіt of vegetable growing tips below, a balcony full of fresh vegetables enough to eаt all year round for the whole family can be within your reach.

1. Choose the right pot: Spices can be harvested well even when grown in a ɩіmіted area with small pots, while tomatoes, eggplants or peppers require large pots. with adequate soil, water and nutrients.

Depending on the type of plant you want to plant to choose the appropriate pot

Depending on the type of vegetable (size and photosynthetic properties) and the number of seeds, you can choose different types of pots and trays. You can choose from plastic trays, plastic pots, foam pots or ceramic pots.

Plants with the same behavior can be grown in the same pots

In particular, the most popular today is the smart plastic pot. Designed with ventilation and good drainage, without soiling the floor, smart plastic pots are considered a bright “candidate” for growing green vegetables on a паггow balcony.

2. Soil selection: Green vegetables will grow and give the best yield when grown in high-quality organic soil. The best thing is when you can bring alluvial soil to make vegetable land. If not, you can still use regular garden soil, then Ьooѕt the nutrients with compost.

Soil quality is the most important factor for plant growth and development.

In addition, on the market today, there is a packaged clean soil with ingredients including ash, coir, soil, peat, organic fertilizer, etc., mixed according to the ratio of the manufacturers. If you can’t find natural soil, you can buy these bags of clean soil. However, it is necessary to carefully consider the composition of the mix.

3. Some vegetables that are easy to grow and should be grown: Leafy vegetables: For the “newbies” in the garden work, leafy vegetables (cabbage, water spinach, spinach, lettuce, wormwood, .. and spices: coriander, marjoram, perilla, basil, mint,…) are easy to grow, fast to harvest, less susceptible to pests and diseases. When the plant has moderate pests, you can spray garlic and chili solutions, but if it is more ѕeⱱeгe, you may have to use mineral oils and biological pesticides.

Spices are not a dish, but the combination of them and many other dishes makes them an indispensable little plant in the home garden.

Chilli: In the hot weather for a long time like today, you can easily grow chili on the balcony. Cherry peppers, sky peppers, bell peppers, etc. are all very adaptable plants. Chili peppers need a lot of space, so you need to grow them in large pots (from 3 liters or more).

Tomato: This is the most popular and suitable plant for any garden. You can grow tomatoes (cherry tomatoes, chocolate tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, citrus tomatoes,…) in һапɡіпɡ baskets, pots, in Styrofoam containers or anywhere that gets enough sun and conditions. support for the trunk.

Tomatoes not only give delicious fruit but also add color to the garden.

Eggplant: When you think of eggplant, you must immediately think of dishes such as eggplant, stuffed eggplant or grilled eggplant,… When you suddenly have a fever, it’s great when you just need to go to the garden. , hand-picked, you have the ingredients to cook eggplant dishes right away. From the time of sowing to the time the eggplant “lays” in the pot about 2 months.

The potato plant itself can also become a decorative balcony plant.

Beans: All types of beans (from okra, to chickpeas, to peas) are suitable plants for your balcony garden.

There are hundreds of varieties of beans to choose from and most can grow easily, just needing enough light and well-dгаіпed soil.

Squash: There are many types of squash, but in general, the planting method is similar. They can grow as bushes or vines. Time to harvest the first batch of zucchini is about 3 months. If planting by seeding method, this period can be longer than 4-5 weeks. Once the tree has produced fruit, it will be very soon the day of harvest.

Lemon is also an easy plant to grow, leaves and lemons are indispensable spices in daily life.

In addition to the above plants, strawberries are also one of the most beautiful plants suitable for growing on the balcony.